Name Poems


Many are the eyes
In the wondering night,
Chosen are the few
Heaven lends its Light.
Even the passing angels
Long to stop and stare,
Look in Michelle’s smile,
Every grace is hidden there.


All of Nature knows her name,
May, for her, its blossoms fashions.
At the sight of her, the Rain
Neglects to fall, and stones find passions.
Does she notice?  I think, no.
All grace is humble, true praise, low.


Come with me to ancient havens,
Run on shores of jeweled isles,
Yearn to hear the nightingale
Sing of the Ocean’s wandering wiles.
Tell the mermaids there, you seek her.
Ask if they have seen her hair.
Look and, as they beckon, follow
to your heart, and find her there.


Kissed by the spirit,
Asked to dance with the sylphs,
Romanced by the light of dawn,
Embraced by the myths.
Never held hero
Kindred heart like her soul,
Attended by angels,
Remembered of gods.
Even the sunset of Solstice-blessed June
Now declares her nymph-child-eyes his light and his rune.


Let every worry of the Day begone!
And dance in rain to the mockingbird’s song.
Untie the laces of your trust,
Run, laugh, skip, jump ’til the Dawning is Dusk,
And tell the World that Laura lives,
no Heaven is like the joy her laughing heart gives.

Ashley (at Cafe D’Angeli)

Angels have a secret place
Safe where Michael does not pry
Hiding, hoarding the last taste
Left of Heaven beneath the sky.

Every day they pass and peer
Yearning one fair glance to steal
As she waits her tables near the
Sign that might their care reveal.

Heaven’s work pauses while they stare
Looking, wondering at her face, of
Evening, Dawn, the Peach and Pear,
Youth and Hope, they find a trace

And one’s once lost love sheltering there
In the blossom of her hair.


By the crystal river flowing
Runs the strong and silent hunter
Every flower and leaf of Springtime
Now recalls his true love’s smile
Dreaming still he presses homeward
All the world whispers of her.


Can the waves e’re cease their asking:
Has the first ray of Dawn a friend?
Evening, a long lost love
Remembered to the wind
upon the crag of life’s Landsend?
In the night, the sleepless spirits
hear the answer of the Shore:
Every star would be her eyes,
every kiss her love’s sweet lore.


Jasmine in morning,
Evening air,
New moon’s bright starlight
Nightingale prayer
Intimate cove found on
Forgotten isle
Everything wondrous
Recalls Jennifer’s smile.


Could a song she once knew, then
Heard again years hence just when
Racing mem’ry turns her eyes
Inward and the veil belies the
Story of a love long lost by
Time undimmed by Truth embossed
In raised and perfect letters bold
Next to her heart upon her soul, recall
A vow no lifetime could undo …
the promise of my love for you.


June is lengthening the day
And May’s bouquets are freshly done;
Noon is combing out the clouds,
Evening is polishing the sun.
Little birds their song refine
Lest one note e’er but soothe her ear;
Even the Rain its weeping hides,
Come fair Janelle, and linger near!

Jasmine pours out its perfume and
All the Lilies do their best
Now copying her fragrant hair and
Each curve of her ivory breast.
Larks at break of day arise
Lest one glimpse of her passing miss,
Every star envies her eyes,
Come, love’s sweet lore is in her kiss.


Many are the eyes
In the wondering Night,
Chosen are the few
Heaven lends its light.
Even the passing angels
Long to stop and stare,
look in Michelle’s smile,
Every grace is hidden there.


Heaven heady with Creation
Effortlessly made the hovering hummingbird
Idly sculpted what no hand could fashion by
Dropping a glance and whispering a word
In an instant, so like this love from Heaven
that appeared the moment your voice first was heard.


Sands of time flow
And the waves wash the shore
Ripple soft memories
And Love’s breathless lore …
Heaven was Sarah. Heaven, and more.


Marry the Winds
Of the soul of sea,
Numina of the nymphs,
To the essence of Glee.
Stir gently with lightning,
Elevate with a prayer
and e’en gods will believe
that Montse is there.


Atlas put himself in training
Leonardo started painting
Eros polished darts and bow
Xanthus pranced and knelt to show
Achilles he would not displease
Notus sent a gentle breeze
Dionysius woke from sleep
Rain dried his eyes and ceased to weep
As bright Apollo cleared the sky
then Alexandra passed by.


Seems that the rays of Day’s first light
Along the tattered edge of the Night
Ride swift, announcing that the sun
Arrives the victor, Night’s undone.
Sorrow is banished, joy reborn
All new is hope, all fresh the morn,
Resplendent, pure, calm, clear and bright.
And like the Dawn draws Day from Night,
you came and loved me into life.